The Song of Evil is a sinister song crafted by X4J to defeat GEO.

In the GEOAdventures Edit

The Song of evil was crafted by X4J who took advantage of GEOs current state of mind to destroy whatever happiness he had and soon defeat him in this heavily handicapped state. In the episode X4J works in conjunction with the song to remind GEO of his deepest defeats in life. Initially this takes a heavy toll on GEO who kneels down in pain. GEO then grasps his deeply turmoiled stomach and goes into a deep shiver. Soon after, GEOs heart rate increases dramatically and his breathing becomes very difficult. GEO finally finds himself in utter despair and accepts what he perceives to be his deeply maligned fate before seemingly collapsing. In the darkness of his mind GEO is still conscious as he reflects on his state before realizing that his greatest hopes and dreams have actually been the source of his greatest miserys. GEO wakes up still moderately damaged by the incident but standing. X4J is angered at the failure of her most malevolent concoction yet but is defeated by GEOs loyal, GEOAdventurer friends.

A few episodes later Davy gains possession of the song assuming it to just be a regular song. However, Davys current state of mind made the song just as volatile as GEOs experience with it. As Davy listens to the song Davys deepest dissatisfaction towards his life are magnified inadvertently making a dark deity inhabit Davy giving him the power to transform into Ultra Davy: Lord of Chaos.

Mechanics Edit

The Song of Evil is a slow song. Its lyrics are designed to bring up the darkest topics of the targets persons life. Its implied that Songs of Evil are made custom to target specific people. Its shown that the songs power can be magnified by other factors. One specific Song of Evil can have a variable effect based on who hears though the desired effect is what happened to GEO upon first listening to the song. Generally its implied that the effect is supposed to be invariably negative. The most GEO has described to the GEOAdventurers about the song was sometime after its first use against in as a response to it being mentioned GEO said, "Thats not what I like......." followed by him putting his head down in shame.