The Tordo scroll is a IMPORTANT artifact of the Geo Adventures. It belongs to GEO. Tordo Scroll

Its importance Edit

The Tordo Scroll is known to boost various personal growths of the holder and it is also said to guard against particularly fatal hits. Elements like that on its side makes it a useful item to have on you. The Tordo Scroll can also be cited with GEOs Mountain of Supplies

In the GEOAdventures Edit

The Tordo Scroll is one of GEOs many good luck charms. As the GEOAdventures go on the Tordo Scroll gradually gets more and more damaged. Its implied that GEO intended to give the scroll to the women of his dreams. As a result, it is implied that GEO either discards the scroll or simply stops bringing it with him.

Concept Edit

The Tordo Scroll is one of 13 different scrolls in the GEOAdventures though it is generally the most prominent one as it pertains to GEOs Holy Blood.