This looks real close to the real unsuspecting van. Only thing is the real one has "UNSUSPECTING VAN" written all over it.

The unsuspecting van is Deadfish and his friends vehicle of choice. The unsuspecting van is a police magnet from the name alone.


The unsuspecting van has many drivers including King(Jeffery), Ignatius, John Mcguirk, Doug Savage and Deadfish despite blatantly being underage. In terms of the inside its incredibly spacious and considered rather unsafe by those who drove in it not counting Deadfish and his friends.


Being Deadfish and crews main vehicle it has many adventures tied to it. One has Deadfish and King drive around Reuben's mansion for 5 hours, they stopped at 3 since it seemed the police were on to them. Another was a intense car chase between Deadfishes old soccer coach Mcguirk and the police after he was caught badly speeding Deadfish narrowly won since he cracked one of Mcguirks beer bottles and gave the police a flat and then blocked the policeman's windshield with newspapers causing the policeman to crash into a tree injuries incredibly minor. even then its still there vehicle of choice so its in almost every adventure so its the most commonplace vehicle in these adventures.