Model Essay. Question: sum up the reconstruction and explain how it has effected Southern society

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The Reconstruction with as many faults as it did was a step in the right direction either way. Many of the Reconstructions best successes could be seen in legislation passed or charity. In contrast many of the Reconstructions failures often stemmed from its failure to change the minds of the people further exacerbated by the poverty that African Americans inadvertently endured being free. Besides that failures of the reconstruction were often found through loopholes in the legislation that de facto nullified the legislation. With Legislation based successes of the reconstruction in mind Document 2 aids us in deciphering some of the reconstructions successes in legislation by establishing a good base to which to bring states back in the union, a important goal of the reconstruction in the first place. Not only that in readmitting Tennessee into the union as Document 2 says it also purges(de jure) slavery out of Tennessee another goal that the reconstruction had. Document 3 offers us a direct benefit of the reconstruction that doesn't work off of legislation as much as more material needs with the Freedmen's bureau which helped educate many poor African Americans and gave them supplies necessary to survive. Another major goal of the Reconstruction that was (de jure) completed in the South to some extent is making civil rights for African Americans legal to some extent this is major goal for equality of African Americans in the South. Document 5s Second Reconstruction flat out gives us some of the effects of the reconstruction on the South by separating the South into the military districts and putting a general in charge of each. Document 6 expands on these military districts by giving a map of each throughout the South. Another tidbit document 5 rewards us with is that the South was required to take a oath if they wanted to vote. Perhaps the most deleterious effect of the Reconstruction though in the South is signified somewhat well in the very first document which features the KKK along with the White league terrorizing African Americans. A fun fact of the KKK is that it started around the Reconstruction. The KKK actively targeted African Americans and white supremacy flows strong in their goals. Ultimately the effects of the Reconstruction vary from successes in advancing African American to groups made just to terrorize African Americans. The Reconstructions legislation proves to be the skeleton for what an ideal South should be today. The South in response to this legislature found loopholes either way and segregation would ultimately prove to be the norm in the south for some time. To best describe the reconstructions effects: Its a mixed bag.

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